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Set includes 6 Vacuum Pumpers, 6 Vacuum Chambers, 6 Temperature Strips, and activity sheets.

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This affordable set of hand vacuum pumps and specially designed chambers that have a wide mouths let students test the effects of reduced pressure on many different objects, such as marshmallows. Classroom set includes 6 Vacuum Chambers and Pumpers, 6 Temperature Strips and teachers data sheet and student activity sheet.

Extra Information:

  • Use the Vacuum Pumper and Chamber to study the gas laws. Make a marshmallow expand. Boil water at less than 100 degrees C.
  • Use the Vacuum Pumper and Chamber along with the Pressure Pumper (P1-2050) to study the effects of increasing and decreasing pressure.
  • An activity on Pressure and Volume from the datasheet is given below: Blow up a balloon so that it fills less than half of the chamber. Using a ruler, draw a line 1 cm long on the balloon. Put the balloon in the chamber. Use the vacuum pump to remove as much air from the chamber as you can. Observe the balloon. What do you observe about its size?

Chamber measures 4.75 inches X 4.75 inches at the top and tapers down to 3.75 inches X 3.75 inches at the bottom.

Science Standards:

In using this product, many of the national and states' science education standards are covered. Some examples are provided here. These are representative, however. Check with your state to find the exact standards.

  • The atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and trace gases that include water vapor.
  • The atmosphere has different properties at different elevations.Explain physical changes in terms of the arrangement and motion of atoms and molecules.
  • Gases have neither a determined shape nor a definite volume. Gases assume the shape and volume of a closed container.

Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Labratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.



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