Sound Wave Interference Kit

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Now you can get a complete economical solution for demonstrating wave interference on a classroom size scale. Kit includes signal generator and powered speakers, everything you need for this great demonstration.

Buy 10 and pay $166.00 each!
This striking sound wave interference demo is affordable!

Each speaker emits the same single frequency. Place the speakers at least 1m apart and observe the sound halfway between. As you'd expect, constructive interference produces a sound louder than each individual speaker. But move to one side, into a region of destructive interference, and the sound becomes quieter than one speaker alone!

 Qualitative and Quantitative Experiment Options

Ask students to predict what will happen if the frequency is increased. Will the interference points get farther apart, or closer together? Move around, map the interference points around the room, and determine the wavelength. Comparable systems retail for over $250! Includes tone generator, pair of speakers, all necessary cables and a data sheet. Generator Frequency range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz ±1dB

Includes: Signal Generator, Powered Speakers, and datasheet.

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