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The Science of Rock ’n’ Roll

Hey now THIS sounds fun! The Michigan Science Center on June 20 rolls out a new interactive exhibit where visitors will discover an exciting side to music and:

  • explore the history of rock and roll
  • uncover the fundamental building blocks of music
  • create musical compositions/make their own recordings
  • and a ton more!

Here’s more info:


Pendulum Wave: Back by popular demand

We did a CoolStuff on the pendulum wave more than a year ago and would you believe it’s still one of the most visited pages on our site? The lesson included the use of a homemade device and while making it yourself can be rewarding, it can also be a bit tedious. So we’ve added this really cool pendulum wave back to our product list . Check it out. UPDATE: The wooden pendulum wave has been replaced by the ahref=”” Acrylic Version