NSTA 2017 in LA

We enjoyed seeing you and all the fantastic physics teachers at NSTA last week and we everyone left charged up with new ideas to get our students motivated!

As a memento, we gathered some fun moments from the conference in the video below. If you missed us in LA, be sure to find us at upcoming conferences and workshops you will be attending.




Visit our Booth at MSTA and NSTA in March 2017

Are you attending the Michigan Science Teachers Association meeting or the NSTA National Conference in LA in a next few weeks? We will have booths and workshops at both.  Here are the details!


MSTA Annual Conference in at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan  March 24-25,  2017  Booth # 407- 409
  • Cool Tools for Sound & Waves by Stephen Rea, Friday 9-10:45 am in the  Amethyst Room
  • Cool Tools for Electricity & Magnetism by Don Pata, Friday 1-2:45 pm in the Amethyst Room
  • Cool Tools for Force and Motion by Don Pata, Saturday 1-2:45 pm in the Amethyst Room
NSTA National Los Angeles, CA  March 30-April  2, 2017  Booth # 1548
  • Cool Tools for Light and Color by James Lincoln Thursday 4-5:30 pm in Room 408B
  • Cool Tools for Electricity and Magnetism 8-9:30 am in Room 408B
  • Cool Tools for Sound and Waves 10-11:30 am in Room 408B

AAPT Winter Meeting 2017 in Atlanta

We enjoyed seeing all the fantastic physics teachers, instructors and professors at the Winter AAPT meeting in Atlanta last weekend. We gathered some fun, short testimonials on video- click below to watch some of our favorite AAPT booth visitors. See you again soon we hope!

Also, please follow us on our social channels so that you can enter to win in our giveaways and contests. Recently, our followers have won our new Periodic Table of Spectra poster and a Hand Crank Van de Graff Generator and there is more to come. 



Portland, Oregon’s NSTA Conference November 10 & 11


Area Conference in Portland: November 10–12, 2016
Exploring Mountains: Guiding Science Teaching
and Learning at the Oregon Convention Center

We’d love to show you all the latest tools at Booth #505 at NSTA’s Portland, Oregon conference. Stop by and Arbor Scientific’s President, Peter Rea will be in the hall to demo our latest tools in person!

Peter Rea, President of Arbor Scientific

Our new best seller is the Forces on Inclined Plane Demonstrator!