Quantum Lab (Inquiry)

Quantum Lab (Inquiry)

Indirect Measurement Lab

Something that is quantized exists in multiples of a set quantity. Examples are charge [1.6 x 10-19C] or quantum energies of photons. Planck and Einstein predicted that light existed as discrete bundles called photons. Since they could not see a unit of photon energy, this lab constructs a model of how quanta was derived and visualized by scientists. In this INQUIRY lab, students will develop their own method for finding the pennies’ mass.

Required Equipment
Balance, Film Canisters, Pennies, Tape

Download Teacher Notes and Student Worksheets

Sartorius M-Prove Model AY511 510g X 0.1g

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The Film Canister required for this lab is readily available here

The “Tape” required for this lab is readily available at your office or school supply store. Each lab group would need one roll or access to a roll.

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