Slinky waves

Slinky waves

Galileo's Incline plane lab activity for acceleration.

Students investigate properties of mechanical waves using a “slinky” spring: wavelength, speed, reflection, standing waves, interference.

Good for grade levels 5 through 8

Required Equipment
Super Springy, Stopwatch, String, Masking Tape, Helical Spring

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Dwight “Buzz” Putnam for his assistance in developing this lab. Buzz is a 25 year veteran physics teacher at Whitesboro High School, New York Science Teacher of the Year and Host of the Regents Physics Answers television show on PBS. You can also find him refereeing high school basketball games as well as presenting at the NSTA National Conferences.

Physics Teacher "Buzz" Putnam

Download Teacher Notes and Student Worksheets

Super Springy

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Helical Spring

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Digital Stopwatch Timer

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Roll of String

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The “Masking Tape” required for this lab is readily available at your office or school supply store. Each lab group would need one roll or access to a roll.

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