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Newton’s Eye Poke Experiment [W/Video]


Repeat a classic experiment from the master himself, Isaac Newton. In 1666 Newton first performed the Eye Poke experiment, writing about it much later in his book OPTICKS. He used this experiment to support his theory that light was composed of particles. But today we will use it to demonstrate that our eye is indeed seeing INVERTED IMAGES.

Newton’s Eye Poke Experiment proves how we see upside down due to the nature of our eye’s convex lens.

This video was performed by Anna Spitz, and was written and directed by James Lincoln, as part of the AAPT Films series.

James Lincoln

Tarbut V’ Torah High School
Irvine, CA, USA

James Lincoln teaches Physics in Southern California and has won several science video contests and worked on various projects in the past few years.  James has consulted on TV’s “The Big Bang Theory” and WebTV’s “This vs. That”  and  the UCLA Physics Video Project.


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