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Demos on Matter

Additional Products to expand on the properties of matter.

Teacher Molecular Modeling Kit

In Stock SKU: C1-3165

Periodic Table of the Elements, Poster Size

In Stock SKU: C5-2015

Pascal's Demonstrator

In Stock SKU: P1-2190

Demos on Sound and Waves

Additional products to help expand on teaching sound and waves.

Standing Wave Kit (10pk)

In Stock SKU: P6-7700

Helical Spring

In Stock SKU: 33-0140

Ripple Tank for Overhead Projector

In Stock SKU: P7-7260

Doppler Ball

In Stock SKU: P7-7120

Wave Sticks

In Stock SKU: P7-7310

Super Springy

In Stock SKU: 33-0130

Demos on Rotation and Orbit

Additional products to help expand on rotation and orbit.

Extreme Gyroscope

In Stock SKU: P3-3500

Ring and Disk Apparatus

In Stock SKU: P3-3540

Demos on the Basics

The Conceptual Physics Lab Manual begins with a student introduction into the methods and concepts used throughout Paul Hewitt’s Conceptual Physics text and lab books. What better tool than to have Paul Hewitt himself discuss these ideas with your students? Here is the information for the complete DVD series Conceptual Physics Alive! and our most popular physics simulation software Interactive Physics.


Conceptual Physics Alive! DVDs Group

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Interactive Physics Simulation Software Group

In Stock SKU: interactive-physics_group

Demos on Heat

Additional Demos to expand on the properties of heat.

Tire Pressure Guage

In Stock SKU: PX-2144

Ball and Ring Apparatus

In Stock SKU: 33-0630

Portable Micro Burner

In Stock SKU: C5-1005

Premium Butane Fuel 10oz.

In Stock SKU: C5-1009

Compound Bar

In Stock SKU: P6-7070

Solar Bag

In Stock SKU: P6-7300


In Stock SKU: P3-8105

Hand Boiler

In Stock SKU: P3-5005

Vacuum Pumper Classroom Set

In Stock SKU: P1-2160

Ice Melting Blocks - Thermal Conductivity

In Stock SKU: P6-7060

Demos on Energy

Additional support material on energy.

Liquid Accelerometer

In Stock SKU: P3-3525

Extreme Gyroscope

In Stock SKU: P3-3500

Rotating Platform

In Stock SKU: P3-3510