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Forces in Equilibrium

Students will place three different forces on a washer, and then arrange the forces so that the washer is in stable equilibrium in the center of the table. The forces must be visualized as vectors to understand how they can combine to produce a net force of zero.

Required Equipment
Round table or stool, Table Clamp Pulleys, Spring Scale Set, Hooked Masses, String, and Washer.

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The “Small round Table or Stool” required for this lab is probably readily available in your home or classroom. If not you just need a round stable platform that has an edge that will accept the opening of the table clamp pulleys and allow the weights to be suspended without interference of motion. Each lab group would need one table or stool.

The “Washer” required for this lab is readily available at your local hardware or home improvement supply store. Each lab group would need one one washer.