The Faraday Motor CoolStuff Newsletter

I constructed the do-it-yourself Faraday Motor with my students as a demonstration, just as the video instructs Their reaction was amazing! When linking the concepts of Electricity with Magnetism, I normally use pre-made motors and other conventional equipment that has been purchased or donated over the years. When I decided to create the “original” Faraday Motor for the class, it definitely brought out the students’ curiosity and peaked their interest… it is difficult to get that “WOW Factor” these days given YouTube and the InterNet, but this did it! It is well worth making with the students as you teach the concepts of electromotive forces and the Magnetism Hand Rules. When you construct the Faraday Motor, be careful to secure the straw to the top of the bottle; I found that “Duct Tape” works even better to secure the straw. See Build a Faraday Motor with Your Students!

Buzz Putnam, Physics & Nanotechnology Teacher, Whitesboro, NY