Electrochemistry and Chromatography Refill Kit

This is a refill for the consumable items of the Electrochemistry and Chromatography Kit
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Caltech scientists, working with local high school science teachers, have created a program called Juice from Juice that teaches concepts related to solar energy in the disciplines of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Engineering. The main experiment for Juice from Juice is building a dye-sensitized solar cell (link to that kit here). This is refill for the consumable items of the Chemistry and Biology supplemental kit (link here).
  • 20 Filter papers (Whatman, Grade 1)
  • 25 g Copper (II) sulfate
  • 25 g Magnesium sulfate
  • 25 g Zinc sulfate
  • 25 g Tin (II) chloride
  • 15 Capillaries


20 Pipettes 2mL*
5 Digital multimeters*
10 Alligator clips*
15 Well plates (12 depressions)**
Zn foil**
Cu foil**
Sn foil**
Mg ribbon**
1 graduated cylinder, 25 mL**
15 rulers, 6-inch**
500 mL Acetone
1 L Distilled water
1 Bag of spinach
1 Container of salt, NaCl
30 Clear plastic cups (15 per activity)
Scale accurate to 0.01g
*Included with Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell kit

Juice from Juice program developed by the Center for Chemical Innovation of Solar Fuels (CCI Solar) at California Institute of Technology