Energy Conversion Car Kit

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The simple, but cost effective electricity demonstration kit that allows students to investigate the Law of Conservation of Energy!

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Turning student power into electrical power!

The Law of Conservation of Energy tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only converted from one form to another. This kit allows students to investigate this important conversion principle.

Students can use the hand power generator to convert kinetic mechanical energy to electrical and use electrical energy to convert into sound, light, and motion using the interchangeable modules. The concept of energy storage through the use of a capacitor can also be explored. Teachers have raved about this kit at all grade levels, citing the variety of simple demonstrations and easy assembly as key benefits.

Included in the kit: hand power generator, car, miniature bulb module, electronic buzzer module, light-emitting diode module, and motor. Car Dimensions 100x58x47mm.

waning Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.