Infrared Laser Thermometer

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Our Laser Guided Infrared Thermometer helps you get accurate pinpoint measurements of solid surfaces.

Measure the Surface Temperature of Solid Objects!

Infrared thermometers allow you to measure the temperature of solid surfaces, even a very hot one, without touching it (or changing its temperature)! Just point and press the button for an accurate reading. The Laser Infrared Thermometer has a D:S ratio of 12, has compact styling, laser aiming, large back lit display and a lot more. It is ideal for users that need a range of a whopping 48 inches or less. Temperature range is -76° to 932°F or -60° to 500°C. Emissivity is preset at .95. Probably the nicest feature of this unit is the "always on" MAX mode. This shows you the maximum reading and the actual reading while you scan the enclosure, giving you the basking and background temps all at the same time. 179 grams with batteries. Uses 2-AAA batteries (included).

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