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OneCar is a comprehensive STEM program that allows students to explore mechanics, energy, and motion in exciting ways.  Each OneCar has a car chassis, four wheels and supplies to allow students to create at least 8 different powered versions.  

OneCar is a comprehensive STEM program that allows students to explore mechanics, energy and motion where students have the opportunity to design, develop and try new creative ways of propelling a car without any soldering.  Each OneCar has a low friction car chassis, four wheels and supplies to allow students to create at least six to eight powered versions.  Students design and use a solar panel, electric motor, capacitor, kitchen chemicals, compressed air, propeller and more to get the car moving.

Each Classroom Pack contains components to construct 8 OneCars.  Also included are Instruction master sheets and you can download the Teacher's Manual with guidelines for extended classroom activities & investigation.  The kits can be de-constructed for multiple use from year to year. 

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waning Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Components Included in Kit Needed, Not Provided
8 Chassis Boards Scissors
16 Axles Rulers
32 Wheels Pen / Pencils
8 Electric Motors Pliers
8 Battery Holders Small Hammers
8 Motor Holders Glue / Tape
8 Motor Clamps AAA Batteries
8 Super Capacitors Cardboard / Craft Sticks
32 Velcro Dot Pairs Mirrors (optional)
8 Rubber Tubing (axle spacers)    Soft Drink Bottles, 1.25L or 2L
8 Axle Pulleys Bicycle Air Pump
8 Motor Pulleys Plastic Funnel
10 Rubber Drive Belts Measuring Spoon / Beaker
8 Propellers Sodium Bicarbonate
8 Plastic Cups Citric Acid
8 Solar Panels Rubber Bands
8 Jumper Wire Pairs Paper Fasteners
8 Inflator Needles Staples
4 Nails Wooden Skewer Sticks
4 Pins Thin Thread
1 Set of Instruction Sheets Cable Ties, long and short
Downloadable Teacher's Guide Mouse Traps
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OneCar Chassis Boards, 8 pack
Item # P6-7245-01
OneCar Axles, 8 pack
Item # P6-7245-02
OneCar Wheels, 4 pack
Item # P6-7245-03
OneCar Electric Motors, 2 pack
Item # P6-7245-04
OneCar Battery Holders, 4 pack
Item # P6-7245-05
OneCar Motor Holders, 8 pack
Item # P6-7245-06
OneCar Motor Clamps, 8 pack
Item # P6-7245-07
OneCar Capacitors, 2 pack
Item # P6-7245-08
OneCar Velcro Dots (Pairs), 32 pack
Item # P6-7245-09
OneCar Rubber Tubing (Spacers), 8 pack
Item # P6-7245-10
OneCar Axle Pulleys, 8 pack
Item # P6-7245-11
OneCar Motor Pulleys, 8 pack
Item # P6-7245-12
OneCar Rubber Drive Belts, 10 pack
Item # P6-7245-13
OneCar Propellers, 4 pack
Item # P6-7245-14
OneCar Plastic Cups, 8 pack
Item # P6-7245-15
OneCar Solar Panels, 2 pack
Item # P6-7245-16
OneCar Jumper Wire Pairs, 4 pack
Item # P6-7245-17
OneCar Inflator Needle Set, 4 pack
Item # P6-7245-18