Physics Probeware Group

Recommended probes for Physics Classrooms.
Grouped product items
Product Name Price Quantity
Neulog Voltage Sensor NUL-201 Neulog Voltage Sensor NUL-201
Item #NL-2010
Neulog Current Sensor NUL-202 Neulog Current Sensor NUL-202
Item #NL-2020
Neulog Temperature Sensor NUL-203 Neulog Temperature Sensor NUL-203
Item #NL-2030
Neulog Light Sensor NUL-204 Neulog Light Sensor NUL-204
Item #NL-2040
Neulog Photogate Sensor NUL-209 Neulog Photogate Sensor NUL-209
Item #NL-2090
Neulog Force Sensor NUL-211 Neulog Force Sensor NUL-211
Item #NL-2110
Neulog Sound Sensor NUL-212 Neulog Sound Sensor NUL-212
Item #NL-2120
Neulog Motion Sensor NUL-213 Neulog Motion Sensor NUL-213
Item #NL-2130
Neulog Force Plate Sensor NUL-225 Neulog Force Plate Sensor NUL-225
Item #NL-2250
Recommended probes for Physics Classrooms.

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Voltage Sensor
Current Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Light Sensor
Photogate Sensor
Force Sensor
Sound Sensor
Motion Sensor
Force Plate Sensor

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