Conceptual Physics Complete Course Bundle Kit

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Conceptual Physics lab activities kits Complete Course Bundle
Conceptual Physics lab activities kits Complete Course Bundle

A message from Paul Hewitt, author of Conceptual Physics:

Students learn in a variety of ways. They learn best when they DO, not just listen or read, in keeping with the adage, "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand!" When we are physically active with physical equipment relevant to the concepts to be learned, we simply learn better to nobody's surprise!
Good Energy with your activities!
Paul G. Hewitt

Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Labratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.

What’s Included

Unit I MechanicsUnit II Properties of MatterUnit III HeatUnit IV Sound and LightUnit V Electricity and Magnetism
Constant Velocity Car and Data SheetStudent Molecular Modeling KitBall and Ring Apparatus and Data SheetSuper SpringyPlasma Globe (3") and Data Sheet
New York Demo Balance and Data SheetPeriodic Table of the ElementsInfrared Laser ThermometerSnaky Helical Spring and Data SheetElectromagnetic Flashlight
Vortex Tube and Data SheetDensity Block Set and Data SheetFire Syringe and Data SheetSpectrum Demonstration Kit and Data SheetSeries/Parallel Bulb Board and Data Sheet
Coin & Feather Demo and Data SheetCartesian Diver Classroom KitPressure Pumper for Liter BottleStanding Wave Apparatus and Data SheetFlask Type Electroscope and Data Sheet
Hand-held Vacuum Pump w/ GaugeAtmospheric Mat and Data SheetSupercooled Lab DemoConcave & Convex Lens Set and Data SheetFriction Rod Kit and Data Sheet
Newtonian Demonstrator and Data SheetElasticity of Gases Demo and Data SheetDrinking Bird and Data Sheet4 - 3D Mirascope Illusion Maker Energy Ball and Data Sheet
Vertical Acceleration Demonstrator and Data SheetPascal's Super Squirter and Data SheetHand Boiler and Data SheetPeriscope with Data SheetGenecon Generator
Ring & Disk Apparatus and Data SheetPack of 4 Bernoulli BagsCrookes Radiometer and Data SheetConcave/Convex Mirror Set (50mm) and Data SheetHand Crank van De Graaff Generator and Data Sheet
Human Dynamics Cart and Data Sheet Ice Melting Blocks and Data Sheet1 Pack of 20 Polarizing Filters (50mm x 50mm)One Farad Capacitor and Data Sheet
Balancing Bird Compound Bar and Data SheetColor Mixing Demo and Data SheetPair of Neodymium Magnets and Data Sheet
Pull Back Car and Data Sheet Solar BagReflect-ViewPair of Steel Bar Magnets
Flying Pig and Data Sheet Set of 3 500mL Radiation Cans and Data SheetSet of 30 Rainbow GlassesHorseshoe Magnet
Air-Powered Projectile and Data Sheet  UV Beads and Data SheetMagnetic Globe and Data Sheet
Rocket Launch Pad and Data Sheet  Phantom Crystals and Data SheetMagnetic Chips
Angle Wedges, Set of 6  Set of 255Hz and 256Hz Tuning ForksPack of 20 Clear Compasses
Heavy Duty Air Pump  Doppler BallLenz's Law Apparatus and Data Sheet
Balloon Helicopter Kit with Arbor Lab and Worksheet  Sound Pipe and Data Sheet 
Pair of Happy/Unhappy Balls and Data Sheet  Singing Rods with Rosin and Data Sheet 
Alternative Energy Conversion Kit  Music Box Mechanism and Data Sheet 
Fuel Cell Car Science Kit  Boomwhacker Set and Data Sheet 
Dropper Popper and Data Sheet  Primary Color Light Sticks 
Bouncing Dart and Data Sheet    
Mini Air Pucks