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All the accessories for use with the our Hand Crank Generators. Our best selling electricity teaching tools!

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Genecon and other hand crank generators

Ideal as a battery alternative for a wide variety of basic electricity experiments, hand crank generators provide a low voltage power source that lets you create an electrical current by simply turning a crank. These ingenious devices generate student interest as well as up to 15 volts of direct current — producing electrical energy through hands-on student effort. Students’ enthusiasm is immediate, whether they are third graders lighting a bulb or college students reviewing sophisticated principles such as Ohm’s Law.

Genecon Hand Crank Generator

(see red) Made from a sturdy, see-through ABS resin with nylon-plastic gears and handle, the Genecon is designed to shrug off use and abuse. It produces approximately 200mA of usable current. You can reverse polarity by simply cranking the handle in the opposite direction. And when powered by another Genecon or low-voltage power source, it acts as a motor. Capable of producing up to 12 volts.

Deluxe Hand Crank Generator

This electrical hand generator is a quality alternative to our Genecon. Made with a clear plastic casing, students can clearly see the motor, gears, and wiring. Capable of producing up to 15 volts.

Economy Hand Crank Generator

It’s not a Genecon… but then it’s one third the price! This electricity hand generator is an economical alternative to our Genecon. Also coming with a transparent case, this generator has convenient screw terminals allowing for easy experiment hookups. Capable of producing up to 7.5 volts.


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