Neulog Voltage Sensor NUL-201

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The Neulog Voltage sensor (NUL-201) measures voltages ±20 V with 1% accuracy. With its 4mm plugs it can easily be connected into electric circuits.


The Voltage sensor (NUL-201) measures voltages across various resistive, capacitive and inductive components, as well as those of photovoltaic cells, batteries and power supplies. This sensor can also be used to measure electrode potentials and to investigate the charging and discharging of capacitors.

When used in conjunction with the Current sensor the dependence of the current flowing on the applied voltage can be studied in various electric circuits.

This sensor can be used to measure low voltage AC and DC circuits. With its 4mm plugs it can easily be connected into electric circuits.

It can also measure, using a step-down transformer, the AC voltage of the Main supply and check its frequency 50/60 Hz.

Experiment Duration: 50 milliseconds to 31 days.
Range and operation modes: ±20 V
ADC resolution: 12 bit
Accuracy: 1%
Resolution: 0.01 V
Max Sample Rate (S/sec): 3000

Please note: A connection between your sensors and hardware is required. You can choose from the USB Module, WiFi Module, RF Module, or Display Module. A Battery Module is also required for any connection other then USB Module, which is powered through the cable. View the  Neulog Connection Interface Group  for accessories.

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