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The Simple Holography Kit includes all the equipment a first-timer needs to make exciting, quality holograms for as little as $5 each!

"Holography is now so simple it can be taught at any grade level."
- Dr. Tung H. Jeong

In the past, creating holograms has been an expensive, complicated project. The laser alone could cost hundreds of dollars. But now breakthrough research has produced a new way to make holograms using inexpensive laser diodes and a simple set up. Our Holography Laser is specially modified expressly for the application of creating holograms. Holography has never been this easy. Even middle school students can make beautiful holograms with this simple 8-step process:

  1. Set up the system on the Holography Table.
  2. Use a holography safelight to provide minimal visibility after dark adaptation.
  3. After warming up for a few minutes, the laser will produce light with a constant wavelength.
  4. With the elliptical beam in a horizontal orientation, arrange the system so that the object is illuminated as evenly as possible.
  5. Block the beam near the laser with a "shutter," such as an index card, to prevent light from reaching the object.
  6. Place a holographic plate in contact with the object (on the same side as the laser), with the emulsion (sticky) side facing it. Make sure the film will not move during exposure.
  7. After a settling time of a few seconds, make an exposure of 5 seconds by lifting and lowering the "shutter".
  8. Develop the film according to the instructions in the chemical kit. After development, the dried hologram can be viewed with a pen flashlight or any incandescent point source.

    If you've never tried holography before, we developed this beginner's kit just for you. In our Simple Holography Kit, you get all the equipment you need to make holograms, including the laser and an ideally sized pewter object.

    All you need to do is determine the amount of film and developing chemicals you need for your class. We've taken care of the rest for you.

    Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Labratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.


    What’s Included

  1. Holography Laser
  2. 12"x24" holography table
  3. Holography safelight
  4. Film holder
  5. Pewter object
  6. 5"x7" developing trays
  7. Detailed instructions
  8. Accessories