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  • CoolStuff Demos with Violet Lasers

    If you are talking about optics in the classroom and students are learning about how light waves behave, take a look at the blue-violet laser, which produces wavelengths at 405 nm.

    “I definitely want one of those blue LASERS! Ahhhh... to write my name on a phosphorescent board the FIRST day of class in the dark from [...]

  • Air Powered Projectile in-depth look [W/Video]

    The Air Powered Projectile in-depth look

    One of the best ways to engage your students in the study of projectile motion is with direct experiment and observation. For this purpose I recommend the air-powered projectile. It safely and reliably demonstrates projectile motion by simply releasing compressed air. Here are five experiments to get you started.

    The soft [...]

  • You’re Getting Warmer! [W/Video]

    The Little Shop of Physics has developed a series of videos called Flash Science, which show some exciting experiments that can be done with everyday items to demonstrate physics principles in a unique way. All of these experiments have been designed to be done by trained adults using proper safety equipment.
    In physics, heat is something [...]

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The Blue-Violet Laser

The wavelength you've been missing!

Take a look at the new blue-violet Laser, which produces wavelengths at 405 nm. Sure, it is a different color and that is always cool, but why use this over any other Laser?

Labs & Activities

  • Measuring Forces on an Inclined Plane

    The Forces on an Inclined Plane Demonstrator is a new piece of physics equipment that can help make the abstract concepts of vector components of forces a tangible reality.  The innovation of the device is that it can be manipulated at will.  The angles can be set and reset quickly and the forces measured fairly quickly.
    The [...]

  • Momentum - Tailgated by a Dart
    In this lab, students will learn to estimate the speed of an object by applying conservation of momentum to an inelastic collision. Energy is not lost its transferred from one object to another. Students will fire a dart into the back of the free rolling car and measure the distance of the car, calculate the speed of the dart and car, and measure the mass of the car and dart.
  • Density Rods
    The Density Rod Set consists of two rods. The aluminum rod sinks in warm water and floats in cool. This is because cool water is more dense than warm, and the aluminum rod is made to be between those two densities. The PVC rod does the reverse – floats in warm water and sinks in cool. This time, the rod changes more than the water, becoming more dense when it is cool.

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