Lab #34.1 Electricity and Magnetism: Ohm, Ohm on the Range

Lab #34.1 Electricity and Magnetism: Ohm, Ohm on the Range

Current & Voltage by Hewitt Drewit

In this experiment, students will arrange a simple circuit involving a power source and a resistor. They will attach an ammeter and a voltmeter to the circuit. They will measure corresponding values of current and voltage in the circuit. They will then interpret observations to find the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance.

The current, voltage, and resistance in an electric circuit are related to one another in a very specific way. Designers of electric circuits must take this relationship into account or their circuits will fail. This relationship is as important and fundamental in electricity as Newton's second law of motion is in mechanics. In this experiment, you will determine this relationship.

January 01, 2011 Collin Wassilak

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