Lab #35.1   Electricity and Magnetism: Batteries and Bulbs

Lab #35.1 Electricity and Magnetism: Batteries and Bulbs

In this activity, students will explore various arrangements of batteries and bulbs, and the effects of those arrangements on bulb brightness.

Many devices include electronic circuitry, most of which are quite complicated. Complex circuits are made, however, from simple circuits. In this activity you will build one of the simplest yet most useful circuits ever invented—that for lighting a light bulb!

Required Equipment

Arbor Scientific D Battery (2 pack)
Arbor Scientific C Battery
Arbor Scientific Red Magleads, 12
Arbor Scientific Black Magleads, 12” (Pack of 10)
Arbor Scientific Miniature Bulb Base
Arbor Scientific 2.5V Miniature Bulbs (Pack of 10)

January 01, 2011 Collin Wassilak

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