Lab #36.2   Magnetism: Seeing Magnetic Fields

Lab #36.2 Magnetism: Seeing Magnetic Fields

Magnetism by Hewitt Drewit

In this activity, students will explore the patterns of magnetic fields around bar magnets in various configurations.

A magnetic field is a kind of aura that surrounds magnets. Although it can't be seen directly, the overall shape of the field can be seen by the effect it has on iron filings.

Required Equipment

Arbor Scientific Alnico Bar Magnet Pair, 1.5 in.
Arbor Scientific Iron Filings
Arbor Scientific Iron Filings Saver
Arbor Scientific Magnetic Field Viewer Film 9 x 7.2 inch
Arbor Scientific Magnetic Field Observation Window
Arbor Scientific 3D Magnetic Field Observation Box

January 01, 2011 Collin Wassilak

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