Lab # 4.1 Mechanics: Chapter 2 Go! Go! Go!

In this experiment, you will plot a graph that represents the motion of an object.

Sometimes two quantities are related to each other, and the relationship is easy to see. Sometimes the relationship is harder to see. In either case, a graph of the two quantities often reveals the nature of the relationship. In this experiment, students will plot a graph that represents the motion of a real object.

Required Equipment

Constant Velocity Car, butcher paper (or continuous—imperforated—paper towel, or equivalent)
access to tape, stopwatch, meter stick, graph paper.


Student Worksheet   Teacher Notes

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The "Graph Paper", "Tape" and "Butcher Paper" required for this lab is readily available at your office or school supply store. Each lab group would need access to one of each see lab detail for specific use.

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