In this activity, you will investigate the effect that stopping time has on stopping force when momentum changes.

Allowing an object to keep moving as it is being caught extends the stopping time which in turns reduces the force acting on the object. In this lab students will put this theory to the test as they throw an egg to another student who must catch it with only their bare hands from an increasing distance. Who will figure out the principals of impulse and who will end up with egg on their face?

Required Equipment

Safety Goggles, Trundle Wheel or Long Tape Measure, 2 Garbage Bags, Raw Eggs, Masking Tape, Playing Field.

The "garbage bags" required for this lab are any plastic bags large enough to construct plastic ponchos out of. The "masking tape" required for this lab is any tape that can be used to help hold the ponchos together. The quantity of "eggs" for this lab depends on how many repetitions of this exercise you wish to perform. A suggested amount would be 18 per lab group. It is suggested that this lab be done outdoors on a playing field (soccer, football, etc.)

Required Equipment

Arbor Scientific Safety Goggles
Arbor Scientific Deluxe Trundle Wheel
Arbor Scientific Wind-Up Dual-Scale Fiberglass Tape Measure, 100 ft. / 30 m