Magnetic Fields Inquiry

Simple instruments to explore sound and frequency.

We will explore magnetic field configurations and field strengths for permanent magnets in this inquiry exercise. Students will observe the curved field lines around a permanent magnet, and explore how field strength varies with distance. They will observe the magnetic field created by a current-carrying wire, as well as the current created in a wire when a magnet moves past it.

Required Equipment
Bar Magnet Pair, Compass, D Battery 2/pk, Battery Holder, Magnet Wire, Lenz's Law Apparatus, Magnetic Field Viewer Paper, Plastic Tube, Galvanometer, Ruler, Poster Board.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Dr. J.R. Harkay author of Phenomenal Physics for providing this student inquiry activity. Adapted from "Tesla's Domain: Magnetic Fields," an Inquiry Exercise by J. R. Harkay. for more information on the complete Guided Inquiry Curriculum.

Dr. Russell Harkay
Keene State College
New Hampshire
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Collin Wassilak

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