Visualizing Vectors

Visualizing Vectors


In this activity, students will manipulate and observe how resultants change with altered angles.


It is crucial in Physics and Math not only to know the Magnitude (Scalar) of what you are measuring but, in many instances, the Magnitude AND Direction (Vector) of the quantity you are measuring. In those cases, students are required to calculate the Resultants of Vector quantities such as velocity, acceleration, force and momentum, which all have both a magnitude (size) and a direction. This can make it difficult for students to visualize vector addition, especially when the two vector quantities are at various angles in relation to each other. To help students, this lab activity utilizes the "Vector Thingy" to manipulate and observe how the resultants change as the angles are varied in "real-time".

Required Equipment

March 18, 2024 Collin Wassilak

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