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The DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit comes with everything needed to split water and use its hydrogen to generate electricity. Incorporate it as a STEM activity into your classroom today!
Everything students need to build an H2 fuel cell!

This engaging Horizon Educational DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit gets students' creativity flowing as they are tasked with designing and fabricating an H2 powered car.

With over 150 years in existence, Fuel Cells have recently become popularized in the mainstream as an effective energy generator used in powering everything from electric vehicles to buildings. They can fulfill all of our global power needs while being highly efficient and a low-polluting technology.

The Horizon Educational DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit comes with everything you need to split water and use its hydrogen to generate electricity. Students are tasked to use their creativity to develop ways to use this newly harnessed power by designing and fabricating a car that is powered by H2.

This Do It Yourself Fuel Cell Science Kit Features:
  • STEM in a creative and open-ended way.
  • An all-in-one electrolyzer and fuel cell.

Concepts Covered

  • Chemistry
    • Electrolysis
    • Energy
    • Hydrogen Generation
    • Reaction Rates
    • Reaction Yield
    • Reactions
    • Redox Reactions
  • Physics
    • Classical Mechanics
    • Efficiency
    • Electric Circuits
    • Energy
    • Ohm's Law
    • Power (Electric)
  • Earth Science
    • Climate Change
    • Renewable Energy
    • Human Impact

Free activity guide is available for download.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.


What’s Included

  • Reversible fuel cell (Transparent or blue) 
  • Set of silicone tubing 
  • 2 (5ml) Syringes 
  • 2 (20mL) Syringes for storage of Hydrogen and Oxygen 
  • LEDs with bare PCB board 
  • Set of crocodile/banana wire 
  • Set of red and black pins 
  • Battery pack 
  • Motor (required input 0.6V) 
  • Gearbox 
  • 2 Pressure relief valves 
  • 2 Plastic clamps 
  • Bag to protect fuel cell


Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 17 mm 
Total weight: 67.7 g 
Input Voltage: 1.8 V ~ 3V (DC) 
Input Current: 0.7A 
Hydrogen production rate: 7 ml/min 
Oxygen production rate: 3.5 ml/min 

Fuel Cell 
Output Voltage: 0.6V (DC) 
Output Current: 360 mA 
Power: 210 mW


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