Resources To Help Support Teachers

Whether you are a new or seasoned teacher, we are dedicated to bringing inspiration and ideas to you through our videos, content-rich blogs, labs, instructional guides, and more. Browse through our resources below. 

Conceptual Academy Video Vignettes

A series of short videos that make difficult concepts easier to understand. These fun and engaging vignettes are a great way to draw students’ attention and inspire learning beyond the textbook. Video concepts include Newton's laws, energy, rotational motion, heat transfer, thermodynamics and more.

CoolStuff Blogs

Our blogs are a collection of free resources by the best science educators from across the country demonstrating how to teach cool science concepts in your classroom or remotely. Resources include lesson plans, demo ideas, student activities and videos!

Next-Time Questions

A series of free questions that teachers can give their students to elicit thinking. These questions include embellished cartoons to catch students' interest.

60 Questions

A collection of free questions on basic physics concepts to give to your students by renowned physics teacher Paul Hewitt. Choose from a total of 60 questions that are relevant for your course/lesson. Detailed answers are also included in the downloadable file.

YouTube Channel

A collection of free video resources created by the best science educators from across the country demonstrating how to teach really cool science concepts in your classroom or remotely.

Instructional Guides

We know how much time teachers spend preparing for classes. That's why we offer hundreds of free instructional guides. Just click on the Resources tab on a product's page and download the PDF.

Take The Classroom To Your Students!

Watch master physics teacher and author of Conceptual Physics Paul Hewitt teach in an actual classroom with real students. His charisma and passion is both motivating and engaging, and his non-computational approach makes Physics truly accessible for ALL. The Conceptual Physics Alive videos cover 30+ lessons on Linear Motion, Vectors & Projectiles, Newton's Laws, Special Relativity, and more.

Included with each digital download are a set of questions and answers.

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