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Bring Excitement to a Range of Science Topics with our EXCLUSIVE Discovery Bundles!

"I HEAR and I forget. I SEE and I remember. I DO and I understand!"

Students learn best when they are captivated by what they see and do. That is why we assembled a series of Discovery Bundles that introduces students to wide range of science topics while infusing excitement and curiosity into their learning experience.

Each Discovery Bundle features a compilation of products that are not only fun and engaging, but offer content rigor that far exceeds their cost — truly making Physics accessible and exciting for all students.

Color and Spectrum Discovery Bundle

Engage students with bright color demonstrations and dazzling spectra with this color theory-focused bundle.

Reflection and Refraction Discovery Bundle

Investigate how light bounces and bends! Investigate everything from Rayleigh scattering to 3D real images.

Sound and Wave Discovery Bundle

Hands-on discovery brings lessons on Sound & Waves to life!

Get ready to hear Ooh's and Aah's when you supplement your lessons with these unique hands-on demonstrations of sound and waves.

Electricity and Magnetism Discovery Bundle

Understand the important but tricky relationship between electricity and magnetism. Explore energy conservation and real-world applications.

Magnetism Discovery Bundle

Investigate magnetic poles, field lines, and forces with these attractive demos and activities.

Gas Laws and Pressure Discovery Bundle

Don't just teach the gas laws. Let students deduce them with these exploratory activities!

Energy Discovery Bundle

Understanding forms of energy and transformation between them is crucial to meeting teaching standards. This bundle demonstrates eight different forms of energy!

Science Toys Discovery Bundle

Included are some favorite classics and brand-new toys that help teach a wide range of science topics like gas laws, energy, Newton's laws, waves, magnetism, fluid dynamics, and more!

Teacher Testimonial

Maya S.

"I love having a box full of toys! Every week I build a lesson around one or two of the toys. My students love the demonstrations - I hear the word "wow" a lot. I appreciate that the "toys" come with instructional guides offering demonstration ideas and educational objectives. I recommend this item to other science teachers or any teacher who wants to add some POW to the day."