Science Solutions Matter!

Experience - works for you! Tom Trapp is experienced as an educational professional committed to serving science & STEM leaders with solutions that deliver exceptional educational teaching & learning results. Father, farmer, fixer, builder, innovator, promoter, leader, doer.

Leaders - are made! America is led by former students that understand the scientific method and the engineering design learning process. Impact learning by doing requires quality resources in action for teachers and students to achieve the best learning outcomes! To that end, Tom helps leaders obtain and direct the resources needed to allow students to excel in their learning and understanding.

Mission - provides direction! Missioned to provide the necessities for the best results requires a team effort. Teachers assess and identify their needs. Arbor Scientific provides the resources that obtain results. Tom helps propose and secure the funding to make effective teaching & learning solutions a reality. Administration resources the tools and training needs of our teachers and students. Professional Learning ensures results. Working together as mission critical!

Vocation - is passion! America’s leaders of tomorrow are in your classroom today. We share your vocation to help your students be their best. The effectiveness of science & STEM educators has a direct impact on America. Arbor and Tom are your gateway to help you identify, supply, propose, fund, and secure the resources needed to make you and your students successful.

Expectation - raises accountability! Few achieve more than they expect of themselves. Our shared responsibity is to expect the best from ourselves, our administration and foremost our students. Teachers spend more time with children than their parents. Expectations and self esteem and support cultures success.

Science Solutions Matter - to advance your science program! Engage us! We're eager to assist. Talk / Text Tom Trapp Today!

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