NewPath Learning

Looking for a fun and engaging way for students to reinforce science topics?

NewPath Learning products are developed by master educators using research-based principles that offer fun and engaging ways for students to reinforce middle school physical science topics. The Learning Guides, Learning Center Games, and Flip Chart Sets are specifically designed for easy customization and total alignment to applicable state and national educational science standards.

Are you looking for fun and engaging ways to...

  • Establish a baseline assessment of student skills and needs.

  • Reinforce and review curriculum.

  • Academic intervention and enrichment.

Your students will...

  • Play games while reinforcing important physical science topics.
  • Use Flip Charts to combine essential science skills with hands-on review.

  • Interact with Visual Learning Guides.

Designed for...

  • The classroom.

  • At-home or remote learning.

  • Middle School Physics/Physical Science.

Flip Chart Sets With Online Multimedia Lessons

Designed for groups of 2-4 students in middle school physical science for either in-classroom, online learning or at home learning. These Flip Chart Sets covers 9 key concepts including a Vocabulary Review chart, which helps to once again reinforce what has just been learned. Online lessons and labs are included along with a Teacher's guide.

Learning Center Games

Allow students to learn through game play with Newpath’s Learning Center Game. Developed for students in middle school and high school physical science, this hands-on game is designed for groups of 2-4 students and includes one set of 30 illustrated question cards, one laminated game board with game materials and four Visual Learning Guides. Created for teacher-directed instruction or independent learning the game is perfect for either in-classroom, online learning or at home learning.

Learning Guides

These comprehensive and colorful consumable Learning Guide makes learning about physical science concepts fun by having students work directly in them. Featuring self-directed readings, illustrated explanations, guided questions, and comprehensive coverage of Next Generation Science Standards for grades 6–10