Air Puck Physics Kit

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Our exclusive Air Puck Physics Kit includes two pucks, inelastic collision kit, and puck launcher.

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Demonstrate Newton's Laws on a big scale!

Demonstrate Newton's Laws, energy, and momentum with the amazing new Air Puck! It's perfectly balanced and glides on a cushion of air for nearly frictionless motion across any smooth surface. Sturdy bumpers will survive collisions with walls, shoes, or other Air Pucks. Each puck is powered by 4 AA batteries, not included. One set of 4 alkaline batteries will provide power for approximately 4 ten minute labs. Puck is 7.5" diameter x 2.5" tall.

The Air Puck Physics Kit Can Be Used to Demonstrate:

  • Friction vs. Frictionless: Compare the Air Puck’s motion to that of a block of wood or sliding rubber tire. Discuss the effects of friction on different surfaces.
  • Newton’s First Law (Law of Inertia): Demonstrate how the puck glides smoothly in a straight line until acted on by an outside force.
  • Centripetal Motion: Attach a long elastic band to the puck and loop the free end around a round table leg. Push the puck in a circle and observe the effect of increasing speed on the stretch in the elastic band.
  • Collisions and Conservation of Momentum and Energy: Use two Air Pucks to investigate the behavior of objects in collisions.

    Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Laboratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.


    What’s Included

    • Two pucks
    • Inelastic collision kit
    • Puck launcher for a complete study of motion


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