BeeSpi Holder for Mini Projectile Launcher

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Arbor Scientific



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Use this custom 3D printed adapter to hold the BeeSpi self-contained photogate and measure initial velocity on Arbor Scientific's Mini Projectile Launcher.


The adapter is held firmly in place by the existing hardware on the Mini Projectile Launcher and the BeeSpi can be easily removed when not in use. Using the BeeSpi eliminates the hassle of individual photogates with their wires and separate timer and makes initial velocity measurements more feasible for group work.

Most projectile motion experiments calculate initial velocity by shooting a projectile vertically and timing the flight. There is no replacement for this method as it brilliantly demonstrates how the component theory of vectors works, but it is prone to error. Measuring initial velocity opens the door for error analysis of the timing method and offers richer data collection for more advanced projectile motion inquiries.

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