Color Filter Set of 7, 175 mm x 200 mm

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This low-cost filter kit includes seven 7" x 8" filters of primary and secondary colors, complete with spectrum graphs and teacher's guide with experiments. Cut to any shape with scissors.

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This low-cost filter kit includes seven 7" x 8" sheets of primary and secondary colors, complete with spectrum graphs and a teacher's guide with experiments.

Activities and Uses

Use the color filters kit to study how colors are produced. A sample activity from the datasheet is given below.

Have your students put on diffraction grating glasses.

View a light bulb with them on (lower wattage, diffuse bulbs work best so that students don't focus on the very bright center of the light.) Hold the color filters while they are analyzing the spectrum given off by the bulb, hold a color filter in front of it. They should see sections of the spectrum simply disappear. Compare the colors left over to the transmission charts.

Light interacts with matter by transmission (including refraction), absorption, or scattering (including reflection). To see an object, light from that object - emitted by or scattered from it - must enter the eye.

Explain how we see colors of objects.

Light from the sun is made up of a mixture of many different colors of light, even though to the eye, the light looks almost white. Other things that give off or reflect light have a different mix of colors.

Show how light is reflected, refracted, or absorbed when it interacts with matter and how colors appear as a result of this interaction.

Science Standards

In using this product, national and states' science education standards are covered. However, check with your state to find the exact standards.

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