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Master teacher Paul Hewitt teaches noncomputational Conceptual Physics. Observe Hewitt teach in a classroom with real students, using engaging demonstrations and artwork. 34 episodes available on 10 DVDs.


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Observe Hewitt teach in a classroom with real students, using engaging demonstrations and artwork.

10 DVD titles; 34 episodes.

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #1

  1. Introduction: Paul Hewitt talks about teaching physics conceptually and his earlier efforts at videotaping. 
  2. Linear Motion: Concepts of speed, velocity, and acceleration are introduced and supported with a variety of examples.
  3. Vectors and Projectiles: Vector addition and vector resolution are explained, using examples such as airplanes flying in the wind and projectile motion. 

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #2

  1. Newton's 1st Law: The law of inertia and the concept of mass are introduced and supported with a variety of examples and intriguing demonstrations, such as the tablecloth-and-dishes stunt. 
  2. Newton's 2nd Law: The relationship of force, acceleration, and mass is illustrated with a variety of examples. 
  3. Newton's 3rd Law: The notion that a force is a push or a pull is developed. 

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #3

  1. Momentum: Newton's 2nd law is rearranged to the form: Impulse = Change in Momentum. A variety of everyday examples, such as bouncing are used to support this impulse-momentum concept. 
  2. Energy: Mechanical energy in its potential and kinetic forms is illustrated with demonstrations that include a bouncing dart, a pendulum, and a simple pulley system. 
  3. Center of Gravity: The concepts of torque, center of gravity, and center of mass are applied to balancing.
  4. Rotation: The concept of rotational inertia is developed from a variety of everyday examples and demonstrations using weighted objects, and rolling cans filled with both liquids and solids.

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #4

  1. Gravity I: The inverse-square law is explained and then related to the law of universal gravitation. 
  2. Gravity II: The discussion of gravitation continues with the emphasis on the ocean, earth, and atmospheric tides.
  3. 3. Satellite Motion: The concept of simple projectile motion is extended to include satellite motion- first circular, and then, elliptical.

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #5

  1. Special Relativity I: A discussion on the concept of time dilation leads up to a showing of the 12-minute animated film "Relativistic Time Dilation." 
  2. Special Relativity II: Length, momentum, mass, and Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 are discussed and supported with several fanciful examples.
  3. Atoms: Bohr's atomic model is described, with emphasis on the smallness, emptiness, and plentifulness of atoms.

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #6

  1. Scaling: Surface area and volume are distinguished with simple demonstrations. 
  2. Liquids I: The concepts of density, pressure, and the depth-dependence of liquid pressure are used to develop the concept of buoyancy. 
  3. Liquids II: This tape expands on the discussion of Archimede's principle in the Liquid's I tape, with an emphasis on the law of flotation.
  4. Gases: This demonstration-oriented lecture focuses on the atmosphere--its weight, pressure, and the buoyancy it exerts on objects.

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #7

  1. Heat, Temperature, and Expansion: Temperature and heat are distinguished from each other. 
  2. Heat Transfer: Conduction is related to many everyday examples and is demonstrated by boiling water under a variety of conditions. 
  3. Heat Radiation: The temperature dependence of radiation frequencies are related to the greenhouse effect. 
  4. Heat: Change of State The concepts of evaporation and condensation are contrasted. 

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #8

  1. Vibrations and Sound I: A coiled toy is used to illustrate the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves. 
  2. Vibrations and Sound II: The reflection, refraction, and speed of sound waves are explained.
  3. Radioactivity: The differences between alpha, beta, and gamma radiation are discussed, with emphasis on balancing nuclear equations.
  4. Fission and Fusion: Fission and fusion are distinguished and compared. Energy release from nuclear reactions is explained in terms of the resulting mass defects.

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #9

  1. Light and Color: The electromagnetic nature of light and the reason its speed changes when passing through transparent materials are explained. 
  2. Reflection and Refraction: Mirrored and diffuse reflection are compared. Refraction is demonstrated using a water tank.
  3. Light Waves: The interference of light waves is demonstrated with laser light, and related to the colors of thin films.

Conceptual Physics Alive DVD #10

  1. Electrostatics: Electrostatic charging is demonstrated in a variety of ways--with a rubber rod, cat's fur, an electrophorus, a Whimshurst electrostatic generator, and a Van De Graaff generator. 
  2. Electric Current: Concepts in electric current and examples of Ohm's law are discussed. 
  3. Magnetism and E&M Induction: Electromagnets, motors, generators, and magnetic levitation are examined, using numerous examples and demonstrations.



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