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Giant Acrylic Lens and Prism Set of 7

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This 7-piece lens and prism set is perfect for classroom demonstrations. The large size and neodymium magnets allow for easy experimentation with optics principles like reflection, refraction, Snell's law, total internal reflection, and the critical angle. Comes with a durable storage case.

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The large size of these optical components make this lens and prism set suitable for group work or even demonstration in front of the entire class. The set includes a variety of lenses and prisms, all of which are embedded with powerful neodymium magnets that allow for vertical demonstration. These magnets are strong enough to hold the components in place, making it easy for teachers and students to experiment with different configurations. The set also comes with a sturdy storage case, ensuring that the lenses and prisms stay organized and protected when not in use.
The set can be used to teach students about the critical angle, which is the angle at which light is refracted at the boundary between two materials in such a way that it is reflected back into the first material. This phenomenon is important in the fields of fiber optics and telecommunications, and can be easily demonstrated using the lenses and prisms in this set. By experimenting with different configurations of lenses and prisms, students can use Snell's law  and their understanding of optical components to learn about the relationship between the critical angle and the refractive indices of different materials.

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What’s Included


  • Thin double convex
  • Thick double convex
  • Double concave
  • Small double convex


  • Rectangular
  • Semicircular
  • Right angle

Durable storage case

Features & Specs

Each optical component has a thickness of 15 mm and is furnished with neodymium magnets mounted flush to the bottom.

Approximate lens focal lengths:

  • Thin double convex: +160 mm
  • Thick double convex: +120 mm
  • Double concave: -120 mm
  • Small double convex: +160 mm


  • Thin double convex lens: 150 mm along lens line
  • Thick double convex lens: 150 mm along lens line
  • Double concave lens: 150 mm along lens line
  • Small double convex lens: 70 mm along lens line
  • Rectangular prism: 50 mm x 150 mm
  • Semicircular prism: 75 mm radius
  • Right angle: 128 mm side length, 180 mm hypotenuse
  • Case dimensions: 35 x 22 x 5 cm


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