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A clear plastic body reveals each of the six spring scales' inner workings so your students can clearly see how gravity and mass determine weight. Each spring scale is color-coded in a different color and printed in both grams and Newtons from 250g or 2.5 N up to 5000g or 5 N.


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250g/2.5 N Spring Scale 250g/2.5 N Spring Scale Item # 01-6960
$4.95 12 $4.70
500g/5N Spring Scale 500g/5N Spring Scale Item # 01-6961
$4.95 12 $4.70
1000g/10 N Spring Scale 1000g/10 N Spring Scale Item # 01-6962
$4.95 12 $4.70
2000g/20 N Spring Scale 2000g/20 N Spring Scale Item # 01-6963
$4.95 12 $4.70
3000g/30 N Spring Scale 3000g/30 N Spring Scale Item # 01-6964
$4.95 12 $4.70
5000g/50 N Spring Scale 5000g/50 N Spring Scale Item # 01-6965
$4.95 12 $4.70
Spring Scales (Complete Set) Spring Scales (Complete Set) Item # 01-6970
$29.70 6 $27.00

Additional Details

These six spring scales are perfect for demonstrating how gravity and mass determine weight. Each scale is marked in both grams and Newtons so you can choose the measurement that is right for your lab! There is a range of possibilities when using these spring scales since the smallest scale measures up to 250g  or 2.5 N while the largest measures all the way up to 5000 g or 5 N. Each scale is a different color so it is easy to find the right scale for your measurement. The scales come equipped with a dial on top that allows you to "zero" the scale to adjust for accuracy and clear casing so you can see spring tension.


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