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The Inertial Balance helps students grasp the difference between mass and weight by letting them determine the inertial mass of an object directly, without the complications caused by the effects of gravity.

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The Inertial Balance consists of two rectangular metal platforms supported by a pair of spring steel strips. With one end clamped to the side of a table the other end is free to swing or oscillate back and forth. Adding mass to the free end increases its inertia and causes it to oscillate more slowly. By comparing the periods of the apparatus with known masses to the period of an unknown mass, the value of the unknown mass can be determined. This comparison can either be accomplished using a graphical program such as Excel or graphing the values by hand. Using the Inertial Balance FINALLY provides a definitive way to determine the inertial mass of an object directly, without relying on gravity to assist in the student's calculations. Since students seem to show their frustration and confusion between mass and weight, the Inertial Balance is a unique way to confirm the difference between the two ideas. Measures 130 x 20 x 315mm. C clamp and masses included.

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