Investigating the Center of Gravity Student Set

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This easy-to-use student group set lets students explore how gravity acts on an object and teaches them a simple method of determining an object's center of gravity. The set is offered as an expansion to the Investigating the Center of Gravity Classroom Kit if more groups are needed.

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This student group set is designed to be used in addition to the Investigating the Center of Gravity Classroom Kit for classrooms with more than six student groups. Students will take an investigation-based approach to finding an object's center of gravity with this teacher-developed kit. It encourages students to collaborate and identify patterns between the different shapes in their group. As a whole class, students apply their findings to the teacher's "challenge shape" only to discover that the object's center of gravity does not need to be part of the object at all!

Included are four different shapes with holes along their perimeters, four pins for hanging each of the four student shapes, four cleverly designed pendula, and two dry-erase markers for drawing the gravitational axes.

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What’s Included

  • 1 Shape A
  • 1 Shape B
  • 1 Shape C
  • 1 Shape D
  • 4 Brass Pins
  • 4 Pendula
  • 2 Dry-erase Markers


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