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Investigating the Scientific Method: A Better Black Box

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An entertaining and educational way to learn the scientific method. With this kit, students use indirect observation by answering the question “What is the configuration (shape or design) of the inside of the OB-SCERTAINERTM (black box)”.  They collect data, develop a hypothesis, and test it.

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Investigating the Scientific Method – A Better Black Box!

Students are introduced to the scientific method of problem-solving by using indirect observations with this kit. The unknown is a real black box with a steel ball inside.  The problem is: “What is the configuration (shape or design) of the inside of the OB-SCERTAINERTM?” At first your students will not know, but as they experiment by tilting, rotating, and shaking the OB-SCERTAINERTM, they will begin to get an idea of what the configuration is inside. They will be able to build a conceptual model and develop a hypothesis.  They can then test their hypothesis and refine it if desired.  Students using this method are applying skills and procedures that scientists use.

Kit includes a Teacher’s Guide, lab activity sheets and 24 OB-SCERTAINER’sTM (two each of the 12 different configurations).

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Laboratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.

What’s Included

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Lab Activity Sheets
  • 24 OB-SCERTAINER’sTM (two each of the 12 different configurations)