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5mm Red, White, Blue, Green, or Bi-color (green or red) LED. Sold in packs of 10. Great for a variety of science project needs!


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Blue LED (Pack of 10) Blue LED (Pack of 10) Item # P6-8100
$5.00 30 $4.60
Red LED (Pack of 10) Red LED (Pack of 10) Item # P6-8110
$2.50 30 $2.30
Green LED (Pack of 10) Green LED (Pack of 10) Item # P6-8120
$2.50 30 $2.40
White LED (Pack of 10) White LED (Pack of 10) Item # P6-8130
$3.50 30 $3.30
Bi-color LED (Pack of 10) Bi-color LED (Pack of 10) Item # P6-8140
$5.80 30 $5.50

Additional Details

Purchase light emitting diodes (LED) lights for a variety of science project needs. These diodes emit a great deal of light and have a slim design, allowing you to arrange them together easily. LEDs are low cost and will last for years, so why not buy in bulk! Sold in packs of 10. Each LED is a 5mm round type.

Super bright Red LEDs for all types of experiments!
  • Emitting Color: Super Bright Red
  • Lens Type: Red diffused
  • Wavelength: 624 nm
Super bright White LEDs
  • Emitting Color: Super Bright White
  • Lens Type: White diffused
Super bright Blue LEDs
  • Emitting Color: Super Bright Blue
  • Lens Type: Blue diffused
  • Wavelength: 470 nm
Super bright Green LEDs
  • Emitting Color: Super Bright Green
  • Lens Type: Green diffused
  • Wavelength: 525 nm
Super bright Bi-color LEDs
This Bi-color LED lights up green or red depending on the direction of current flow. Great to use for understanding direction of current.
  • Emitting Color: Red/Green
  • Lens Type: White diffused
  • Wavelength: 625nm/568nm

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