Loop the Loop

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This time-tested demonstration makes for a great hands-on study of energy conservation, centripetal force, and rotational inertia—all in one package!
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Explore the Conservation of Energy with this classic activity.

The “Loop-the-Loop” is a classic physics demonstration but now take it one step further. This demonstration set includes one neoprene ball and one steel ball of the same diameter. One ball will work and one will not, but why? Students observe both balls rolling down the track and use their senses and knowledge of energy conservation to explain the results. Finally, they can fit their observations into a mathematical model of the problem and take measurements to confirm their hypotheses.

7.5" Diameter, 20" Tall, 16.25"x3.875" Base. 1" neoprene rubber ball included.

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What’s Included

  • Loop the Loop
  • 1” neoprene rubber ball
  • 1” steel ball
  • Instructional Guide with Student Activity