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The Arbor Scientific Mechanical Wave Complete Bundle, 220V makes harmonic and motion demonstrations affordable for ALL Physics classrooms.

The Arbor Scientific Mechanical Complete Bundle, 220V comes with everything you need to drive wave experiments and harmonic and motion demonstrations with ease and accuracy. 

Chladni Plates: The first step to Visualize Acoustics! At special frequencies, standing waves appear on the plate, driving the sand away from the points of large vibration to points of no vibrations. Unique patterns are formed at different resonance frequencies becoming increasingly complex and beautiful as the rate of oscillation increases.

Resonance Wire Loop: 
Introduce Bohr’s quantum atom using a classic model. The resonance wire loop demonstrates standing wave patterns when vibrated at resonant frequencies.

Metal Resonance Strips: 
Demonstrate resonant modes as a function of length. As vibration frequency increases, shorter length strips reach resonance and visibly oscillate.

Longitudinal Wave Spring: 
Experiment with springs, oscillations, and wave theory! A great way to demonstrate and visualize the nodes and antinodes on longitudinal waves. 

Transverse Wave: 
This Wave string is ideal for demonstrating standing waves. Typical experiments such as the resonant frequencies of taut vibrating string can be performed with additional parts.

The Sine Wave Generator, 220V features a US plug type B.

NoticeSine Wave Generators are not to be used with voltage converters. Damage or product failure can be experienced when doing so. It is the customer's responsibility to check for compatibility with electrical service voltage. Product warranty will be voided if usage guidelines are not followed and replacements or refunds will not be offered.

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What’s Included

  • Mechanical Wave Driver
  • Sine Wave Driver, 220V US Plug Type B
  • 24 cm square Chladni Plate
  • 24 cm diameter round Chladni Plate
  • Extra-fine sand and shaker
  • Resonance wire loop
  • Metal resonance strips
  • Longitudinal wave spring
  • String
  • String / Spring holders


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Vibrations and Waves: Wave Speed