Molecular Size and Mass Kit

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Use indirect measurement to find the diameter of a single molecule! First, students model the process using ball bearings, then repeat the experiment using oleic acid floating on water. Enough supplies for dozens of repetitions.

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This kit gives students the tools they need to estimate the diameter of one molecule of oleic acid using indirect measurement.

First, they model the experiment using ball bearings, using a known volume to make a flat "pancake" and then finding its thickness. Then a single drop of oleic acid solution is placed on a water surface, allowing students to estimate the diameter.

Kit includes oleic acid solution, chalk, 12 droppers, bb's, and complete instructions. Enough for 8-12 student groups to repeat the experiment dozens of times.

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What’s Included

  • 1L Oleic Acid Solution (5mL acid in Ethanol)
  • Piece of chalk
  • 12 eye droppers
  • ~4000 bb’s (~400mL)

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