Pair of Neodymium Magnets

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These neodymium-iron-boron magnets are, for their size, the most powerful magnets on earth! Each 1/2" in diameter, 1/4" thick.

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This neodymium-iron-boron magnet is, for its size, the most powerful magnet on earth!

It's hard to comprehend its incredible power - a pair of these half-inch disks cannot be separated by direct pull, and even sliding them apart is a difficult process. One magnet will prevent a second from falling, even when separated by the width of a human hand. Drop a joined pair down a 3/4" copper tube and challenge your students to explain the resulting phenomenon.

This magnet is strong enough to reveal the presence of magnetic substances, even in the printing ink used in paper money! We supply two magnets, each one-half inch in diameter by one-quarter inch thick, which can be used for a variety of unusual magnetic experiments. Included with each pair is an instruction sheet with information on care and suggestions for experiments.

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