Paramagnetic Putty

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American Scientific, LLC



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Engulf a small magnet in minutes! Make strands of putty 'jump' to a magnet! Infused with micron-sized, iron-based particles that 'come alive' when near a magnetic field.

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By itself, this magnetic putty acts like just about any other putty. You can bounce it or tear it. It even oozes and stretches. But this putty is infused with micron-sized, iron-based particles that 'come alive' when exposed to a strong magnetic field. Stretch out a small piece and use the included neodymium magnet to make it jump to the magnet! Place the magnet on top of the putty, then watch it absorb the magnet like "The Blob!" You can also temporarily magnetize the putty by exposing a small piece of it to a magnet and use it to attract smaller metal objects! The stronger the magnet, the more cool stuff you can do! Putty weighs 91g (3.21oz).

What's Included:

Magnetic putty

Neodymium cube magnet

Storage tin

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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