Periodic Table: Nonmetals, Metals, and Metalloids

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Several elements are included to investigate whether they are nonmetals, metals and metalloids. Utilizing reagents and observation, students will experiment to classify the elements based on physical and chemical properties. The kit supplies 15 groups of students and includes a Teacher's Manual and Student Guide.

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Investigation of the elements is crucial to understand the nature of matter. Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev understood this fact as he designed the standard for classification based on comparing properties of chemical elements. Mendeleev was so successful in his work that he was able to predict properties of unknown elements through similarities to the properties of known elements!
Students can follow in the footsteps of Dmitri Mendeleev and perform experiments that reveal the nature of the elements around us. Observational data of the physical properties of samples will be recorded including factors like color, luster, texture, and malleability. Chemical properties of the samples will be tested with hydrochloric acid. Along the way students will gain a better understanding of the Periodic Table and its organization based on the comparison of elements.

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What’s Included

  • 4 x 30mL Hydrochloric Acid, 1.0N
  • 4 x 30mL Copper (II) Chloride
  • 25g Aluminum Metal Shot
  • 25g Carbon Activated Pellets
  • 25g Silicon Metal Lumps
  • 25g Zinc Shot
  • 25g Sulfur Lumps
  • 45 pieces Copper Metal Foil 0.5"
  • 45 pieces Magnesium Metal 0.5"
  • 105 Test Tubes
  • 30 Pipettes
  • 15 Nails