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The Resonance Tube apparatus is an affordable and easy-to-set-up way to study open- and closed-pipe resonance. Using the closed-end plunger, you can add cork or polystyrene dust to visualize resonant wave forms generated in the tube, known as a Kundt's tube.

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Ideal for all resonance investigations in air columns!

The Resonance Tube features a high-powered sound wave generator unit, which is plugged into one end. This generator operates with a standard laboratory signal generator, driving it to detect various resonance modes through increased loudness of the note as the frequency is adjusted. Users can study an open pipe or utilize a variable-length closed pipe by inserting the provided piston assembly. Kundt’s tube investigations become feasible by employing a higher amplitude on the generator. Fine cork or polystyrene dust distributed throughout the tube gathers at the nodes during resonance, simplifying the measurement of wavelengths. Preferably, a closed tube is used to obtain a good response and reduce sound levels in the laboratory while still producing a measurable effect.
The apparatus comes complete with two supports for the tube, sound wave generator, resonance tube, closing bung, and full instructions.

Requires a signal generator.

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What’s Included

  • 1 x Resonance Tube 
  • 1 x Plunger 
  • 1 x Sounder unit 
  • 2 x Supports

Features & Specs

  • Dimensions: 1100 × 50mm dia. 
  • Weight: 400g