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Scale of Hardness Collection Without Diamond

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This collection is the traditional Mohs Scale which assigned a “hardness” to ten key minerals with talc #1 (the softest) and diamond #10 (the hardest). The first 9 minerals are included in this set. The nine specimens are approximately 1” X 1.5” and are number-coded.

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Introduce students to the timeless principles of mineral hardness with the traditional Scale of Hardness Collection! This indispensable set features nine key minerals in Mohs Scale of Hardness, meticulously chosen to represent a range of hardness levels from talc, the softest mineral at #1, to corundum, the ninth hardest at #9. Excluded from this set is diamond, the hardest mineral, at #10.
Each specimen measures approximately 1" x 1.5" and is number-coded for easy identification and classification. Students can explore the tactile differences and scratch resistance of each mineral, gaining firsthand experience in assessing hardness according to the Mohs Scale.
Empower students to conduct experiments, perform tests, and deepen their understanding of mineral properties with the Mohs Scale collection. Whether used as a standalone resource or integrated into larger geological studies, this set provides a foundational understanding of mineral hardness that is both engaging and educational.

Products being sold are not toys. They are for Educational / Laboratory use only. They are not for use by children 12 and under.

What’s Included

  1. Talc
  2. Gypsum
  3. Calcite
  4. Fluorite
  5. Apatite
  6. Feldspar
  7. Quartz
  8. Beryl/Topaz
  9. Corundum
without Diamond


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